Monday, August 30, 2010

The Keiki Room

After the living room and lanai were redone, I began to work on the kids' room. It needed a more local and colorful look to it. It started with nicely priced quilts from my favorite store here, Ross. Then I made leaf prints from some of my favorite native plants. I've never painted on canvas before so that was a new and fun experience. They still share a room and a bathroom and a closet and it still works, mostly. We all agree it builds character. In Maryland, all 6 of us shared one bathroom so this isn't so bad.

A Not So Extreme Makeover

Last summer I began a quest to find a leather recliner for my husband. Poor guy, he sold his papa bear-sized chair to make the trek here. I was so excited to find a chair that was just right at the Salvation Army. It was so large that it made our other furniture look like something from a Hobbit hole. Then the quest began for a leather couch, which we bought from a really nice guy named Rick on Craig's List (see Google Chrime to find out more). Once the living room was all on the same scale, we rearranged the lanai. Little by little, our house had a new look. So I thought I'd post the pictures here since you can't come for tea.