Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Weather Alert

I hadn't realized that we'd still get the excitement of snow days here...only in hurricane form. Everyone was in a flurry on Sunday because there was a hurricane coming. We were encouraged to get ready with water, canned goods and a flashlight in case the electricity was shut off. After all, they said, when Obama was here, there was such a surge that the electricity shut off. They were really fast getting it back on only took 12-15 hours. So, off we went to buy a gas grill with a burner. Several hundred dollars later, we were ready for the weather. The possibility of school closing on the first day was strong and we had contingency plans in place. Very exciting stuff, only not white and fluffy, just lots and lots of warm rain and humidity. Our kids were quite excited about the storm. They had heard the waves were at their peak right before a hurricane so Laura made dinner, allowing us to have a picnic at the beach. The surf WAS great. I've never seen so many surfers. And each one we passed on our way to the beach as they were leaving had a huge grin on their face as if to say "you are gonna have a blast, man!" We did. Only problem was she forgot to pack plates and utensils. So we showed up at the door of our co-workers who live by the beach and bummed plates and utensils from them. Guess we're beach bums now.


  1. Hi it truly called "Dave's Mountain" or did your hubby just claim it for his own because of its beauty! What spectacular photos. After a day of work and school shopping, I am envious of your room with a view! Keep posting!

    Lisa parker

  2. It is not truly called "Dave's mountain". Dave claimed it because he loves it. I had to clarify his reasons for wanting to move when he told me what he wanted to do just to make sure that it wasn't for his mountain. It is really amazing because it has so many different geographical features. That funny swoop of trees is a pine grove and it's just amazing in there. Always an incredible breeze. We miss your family.

  3. Hi guys,
    I finally think I've figured out how to communicate with you. Do you have an email address? It would be a lot easier for me.
    Fantastic pictures! Uh, could Dave come back we need someone brave enough to get on the big high ladder to fix a light fixture in the Fel. Hall and so far no volunteers. Greg had dental surgery so he is out of commission for a few days. Just kidding but I sure miss you all. Bob is great and so nice to work with.
    Keep in touch,

  4. We loved having you all drop in. Anytime you forget your dinnerware or utensils, please stop by. :o)