Saturday, September 5, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Welcome to our Kaneohe (Kahn - ay - OH- ay) Kottage. We love our little home. It's small, easy to keep clean, in a friendly neighborhood and close to school and church.

That dish rack was given to me by my mom. It used to be an aquarium stand. My church kitchen friends might recognize the metal utility basket like the one in the church kitchen.

This is a breeze way for the kitchen door, which we keep open most of the time.

Hi. I'm Larry the Lizard. Welcome to the Lanai.

We eat dinner out here most nights, except on Sundays when we use the special Ardolino China. That doesn't come out here. We also hang our laundry out here.

Our living room. "The Pyramid" book case that Dave made from old wooden boxes from the family hardware store.

And on the other side of that wall, is the kitchen. Much bigger than my Linthicum one.
Thanks for my butcher block Darlene and for my fruit bowl Jen!

If you turn around, you're in the dining room!

Down the hall is...

Mom and Dad's Bedroom
Friends from church gave us this dresser and mirror. It matches our book case.

And Mom and Dad's Bathroom. We have closets in our bathroom
so we can keep our clothes in there.

Quite possibly the only Fall leaves they'll see for a long time. This painting was done by my dear friend Katy, who used a photo of Dave's as the starting point.

The keikei's (kids') room.

The curtains on the bed allow for peace and quiet.

Our quiet room. A place for movies, playing, yoga and Laura to hide away.

SO, how do you like it?


  1. I Love It Mom ..... I wish I lived there ! :)

  2. It's beautiful! Thanks for the tour.

  3. Leslie, it's beautiful! You've done a marvelous job. :)