Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Grand Canyon and Slide Rock Park

A Grand Time Indeed!

Gertrude Priscilla Stinkpot (a.k.a. GPS)
Travelling with a GPS is a sanity saver. Not only am I vertically challenged, I’m also directionally challenged; I can’t find East unless we’re having a sunrise service. Dave’s mother is the human version of OnStar, so he is not clueless like me. But he is concerned with finding the most efficient routes possible. Relying on Gertie allows us to get where we need to go without the stress that our humanity adds. She tells you when you’ll arrive and in how many miles you’ll make your next turn. Today, she told us that our next turn would be in 300 miles! There’s a lot you can learn from a GPS. The most notable is what to say when the driver makes a mistake. Instead of, “What are you doing?!” or “Are you crazy?!” Gertie says “recalculating.” When humans detect error we bring accusations, a GPS acknowledges the mistake and carefully explains the next step to take. When others are practicing their “driving skills” in their walk with God, they, too, want to find their own way and they also make mistakes. I confess that I often bring accusations and insults instead of a patient “recalculating”. Interesting that Satan is known as the Accuser, while God is the Defender. It’s funny that no matter how many times we make the wrong turn, Gertie keeps redirecting with positive steps to take, rather than accusations about our driving skills. We humans have a limit to our patience. Thankfully, God's Perfect Substitute, gives unlimited grace and even better redirection. Admittedly, the Collins Clan sometimes intentionally makes wrong turns just to hear Gertie “recalculate.” Lord, give me Your patience and make me a Defender like you that others may find their way.


  1. Thanks for keeping up your blog. After a box of Kleenex, I am all caught up. God is so good!

  2. We sure do miss everyone, but the internet bridge the gap, thankfully.