Monday, July 13, 2009

We Made It To The West Coast!

Living it up in a hotel in California...

...what a nice surprise.

The USS Midway...a city in the water.

Tonight's sunset on La Jolla's Coast

Another view of California from the car...

So far Daniel and Lydia have both endured a stomach bug while in California. Daniel celebrated his birthday by throwing up all night and Lydia is celebrating with him tonight. Please pray that we will not make our hosts sick.

The Loveliness of Christ We are staying with the parents of my friend, Erika. I confess that as I first sat with them tonight, I was distracted by how much of them I had already encountered in Erika. Her laugh, her smile, her mannerisms, her thoughtfulness and even her style all started here with these two people. They are a lovely couple, deeply in love with each other and with the Lord. Reflecting on this, I wonder, how much of my Heavenly Father do others see in me? When my friends meet Him in His Home, will they see something of Him that they first saw in me? I hope so.
Swanky husband joins swanky sailor at The Midway.

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