Monday, July 6, 2009

No Longer Doubting Thomas

We started to have trouble with the van on the way to Tennessee, the first leg of our trip. The A/C started to wane in our last two hours of our first day's journey. The high pitched wail under the hood was another indicator. Of course, the next day was the 4th of July. We took the van to Sears; they thought it was the A/C so we decided to get to Oklahoma sans air-conditioning. Only one problem, the driver's side window no longer works. It was hot. Thankfully, this made everyone sleepy. AND thankfully, the sky was cloudy, making it much cooler. We stopped in Arkansas for lunch on Sunday, then a quick trip to Best Buy to get an adaptor for the computer. Turn the keys, click. Oh no. Lift up the hood and three guys come to help. They stayed with us for hours. Thomas and Brett and Jason are all car-port mechanics . Thomas keeps a professional car jack in his truck. We made reservations at a hotel and prepared to stay the night and take care of junking the car and getting a rental on Monday. But the tow truck driver had other plans. He diagnosed the problem and there was NO DOUBT that Thomas would take care of it. He replaced the air compressor and freon right there in the Best Buy parking lot. Thomas' girlfriend has done several missions trips in Thailand. Six hours later he got us on the road WITH air conditioning. Doubt not. He who has led us this far will not desert us now! Thank you Lord for sending us your angels. And thank you Thomas for all you did to help us. What a blessing!

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